Gerald Griffin St. Cork

Friendship Week Art Competition

This morning we had another whole school assembly to celebrate the end of Friendship week in the school. Ms. Twohig’s 2nd recited a poem about friendship while the girls in 4th, 5th, and 6th class led the school singing “How far I’ll go”

Shandon Street Credit Union kindly sponsored prizes for our Friendship Week art competition. The children had to draw a poster about friendship. Some of the older children wrote poems about friendship instead. Congratulations to the winners from each class.

During the week there was a display up next to the Blue Room where examples of how the children were kind were displayed. By the end of the week, the board was full of kind things that the children from all the classes did.

In the yard, also this week, was a friendship station. If children couldn’t find anyone to play with they would go to the friendship station and some of the older girls would play with them or help them to find someone else to play with.

All the children had a great time this week, made some new friends and learned how important it is to be nice to others.