Gerald Griffin St. Cork

Early Start

We, in North Pres, are very fortunate to be one of 6 schools in Cork which has an Early Start unit.

Early Start is a pre-school initiative which caters for children aged between 3 years 2 months and 4 years 7 months. It is a bright, spacious, well equipped and happy environment where children enjoy their first experience of school.

 Learning takes place through play activities which include equipment like construction blocks, jigsaws, beads, sand, water, “home corner”, art and crafts, library, music and movement, physical activities and much more!

Parents are encouraged to be actively involved both inside and outside the unit through courses and trips.

Early Start is a great advantage to help children make the transition from home to Junior Infants.

Early Start visit Santa

Cork city council invited the Early Start Preschool children to visit Santa at The Foyer in Blackpool.

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Summer Gardening.

Ms Coleman was very busy recently helping the children plant some healthy vegetables in our school garden. They also planted some flowers in front of the school, next to the railings. Sometime soon we hope to see some bright coloured flowers as we walk to school in the morning.

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Fun in Early Start

The children in early start had great fun recently while out in the yard. They brought some of their toys out that roll and raced them around the track. They then tried to catch some bubbles without bursting them.

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STEM in the School

The school has borrowed Bee-Bots from the Cork Education Support Centre for the last couple of weeks. There are small robots that can be easily programmed by the children. The children are having great fun with them learning how to code.

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Soup in Early Start

The children in Early Start have been learning about food recently. Last week they made their own vegetable soup. It tasted delicious.

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Lá Glas

The whole school enjoyed a Lá Glas to celebrate St. Patrick's day. The children dressed up with a splash of green before enjoying Irish dancing during the day.

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Brunch Club

The Health Promoting school committee has organised for each class to participate in Brunch Club. This gives each class a chance to sit together and enjoy pastries, fruit and other treats while chatting with class mates and getting to know them better. The classes really enjoy the experience.

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World Book Day 2019

North Pres celebrated World Book Day 2019 in style. Many of our children and teachers dressed up as characters from their favourite books. Thirty senior infant and first class parents participated in C.A.P.E.R. (Children and Parents Enjoying Reading) in the morning. Afterwards the first and fourth classes walked to Waterstones to buy a book using their World Book Day vouchers. In the afternoon the older children visited the classes of the younger children and they all sat down and read together.

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Sciath na Scol Final

The school football team took part in the Sciath na Scol football final recently against the girls from Padre Pio school. The whole school got involved in the build up with some of the older classes busy making plaits to show their support for the team. On the day the whole school was out to give the team a guard of honour on their way to the match. The girls from 2nd class up went to the match to support the team and cheer them along. The team played their hearts out and left everything out on the pitch but unfortunately it wasn't their day with Padre Pio winning the match. The whole school are incredibly proud of the team and the effort that they put in on the day and with all the training coming up to the match.

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Busy in the garden

Ms. Coleman and Ms. Conway have been very busy in the school garden recently. They have had lots of help from all of the classes. Some of the older girls helped painting tyres. We now have some very colourful minnions full of flowers welcoming us into our school everyday as well as some bright colourful flowerbeds in the garden. There is also a new insect hotel for any insects who feel like having a little holiday in North Pres. The younger class helped with all the planting that was done. All the children are looking forward to see what will grow over the next few months.

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