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English as an Additional Language

Welcome to the English as an Additional Language (EAL) page

English as an additional language (EAL) refers to learners whose first language is not English.

The EAL teachers this year are Ms. Cleary, Ms. Healy, Ms. O’Brien, Ms. O’Leary and Ms. Walsh.

Here you will find various resources to support the plans that we have e-mailed our students to help with their learning.

Kind regards, EAL team.



Try practicing sentence structure using the link below.  It gets harder as you get better!


It’s summer! Here are some activities for you to try for this month’s theme…..

Summer oral language activity sheet          I Spy With My Little Eye game summer pictures

Summer Word Search                                 Write a summer poem

Read and colour                                          Read sentences and colour

phonics-seaside-missing-sounds                Design your own flip flop

Make an Origami Frog

Community Workers

Here are some activities to try for our theme of ‘Community Workers’……

Places in the community                                               People Who Help Us Quiz Cards

People Who Help Us Wordsearch                                People-who-help-us-display-facts

People-Who-Help-Us-Flashcards                                 Places in the community

Stay safe poster                                                            Thank you bookmarks

My-Community Powerpoint


Here are some things to try at home for our theme ‘clothes’:

Ideas for upcycling old clothes                                     Clothes activity sheets

Clothes in the garden activity sheet                       Clothes sorting GAME Winter&Summer

BINGO GAME Picture Boards                                I Spy Game CLOTHES

Buying new clothes sheet

Match-the-clothes-to-their-labels                             Colour-the-clothes

Draw-the-clothes                                                     Circle-the-clothes-names

Design a T-shirt My-favourite-clothes—writing       Wordsquare

Spelling                                                                   read-and-draw-clothes