Gerald Griffin St. Cork

November, 2013

Junior Infants 2013 -2014


C.A.P.E.R. Children And Parents Enjoy Reading

This year once again we are continuing with our C.A.P.E.R. programme. Many Mums and Dads are helping us out; reading to the children, helping with their reading and having fun!


Rice Krispie Bun Fun Part 2

We were learning about heating and cooling in Science. We made rice krispie buns. They were so yummy!   .


Science Experiments in First Class

We learned about floating and sinking in first class. We put things into the water. Some things floated and some sank. We made boats and tried to float them in the water. Some floated and some sank! We had great fun!  


Senior Infants Enjoyed Halloween 2013