Gerald Griffin St. Cork

October, 2020

Halloween Fun

There was lots of excitement in Early Start today for their first Halloween Dress Up Day. Well done to all of the Mums and Dads who helped pick such great costumes!


Halloween Parade

We had a Halloween Parade around the convent garden today so that the children could all see each other’s costumes. What a wonderful day for it!


2nd class Halloween Fun and Games

The second class girls had lots of fun this morning taking turns at telling their future! The girls all look amazing for the Dress Up Day! Well done on such creative costumes girls!!


Senior Infants Dress Up Day

There was great excitement in Senior Infants today as the children all saw each other’s costumes!


Cake Time in Junior Infants!

Junior Infants were very busy today making some delicious Halloween cakes!!


Busy Week In Early Start

It was a very busy week in Early Start with lots of fun in class and in the yard 🙂


Junior Infants Learning Through Play

Ms. Lucey’s Junior Infant class were very busy this week learning through the medium of play. They are all very good friends and love playing together.


Painting Fun

Senior Infants had great fun painting this week. Look at all their happy faces.


3rd Class Fun In The Sun

3rd class spent a lovely Friday afternoon in the garden reading about Oisín and Tír na nÓg and then creating drama  scenes from the story. What a great way to spend an afternoon!  


Gardening Club

We are very lucky to have a lovely school garden, including some raised beds for growing flowers and vegetables. Some of our parents were working very hard in the garden today clearing the raised beds and planting some new plants around the school. The Gardening Club is organised by Ms. Coleman and is a great …Continue reading

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