Gerald Griffin St. Cork

February, 2017


Ms.Whelton’s class started doing yoga last week. They are really good at doing their yoga poses such as the bridge, the cat, the chair and spinal twists. They love doing downward facing dog! They can’t wait for their next lesson.


Pancake Tuesday

Senior Infants really enjoyed their pancakes today. They were yummy!


Aistear in Senior Infants

The children in Senior Infants love doing Aistear. During Aistear, the children are learning through play. First, a theme is chosen and developed in oral language. Then the children learn more about the theme through play. The activities vary from construction and sand/water/messy play to small world play, junk art and role play. In the …Continue reading


Great Gardeners!

We are doing the theme of the ‘garden centre’ in Aistear. We were planting seeds today. We planted cress, baby carrots and runner beans. We will be looking after them in school.      


10 @ 10

We did the 10 @ 10!!! All the pupils from Early Start to 6th Class participated in Operation Transformation’s 10 @ 10 initiative. The children and adults did Zumba dancing for 10 minutes in our school yard. We featured on RTÉ’s Operation Transformation on Thursday night.  


Attendance Reward – Bowling

We set our boys and girls a challenge last August, to try and maintain full attendance for the first 100 days of school. We held an assembly on the 100th day and the children were informed that the challenge winners would be rewarded with a trip bowling. The following day a group of boys and …Continue reading


Maths Eyes – 3rd Class

We had a fantastic turn out of parents for our Maths Eyes Project. The parents and children went out into the community with cameras and photographed different examples of maths.When they returned to the school they created posters with their photos. They then wrote maths problems to accompany their photos. The children loved working with …Continue reading