Gerald Griffin St. Cork

February, 2019

Springtime Gardening

3rd class have been very busy lately sprucing up the garden and flower boxes around the school. The spring flowers are a lovely welcome to the school.


Junior Infants go travelling

Mr. O Connor’s class were learning about travelling recently during Aistear. They had great fun building roads and playing with different cars. Afterwards they packed their bags and heading to the airport to head off on the plane. Look at the photos below of all their adventures.


Baking in Junior Infants

Ms. Ahern’s class went baking recently. They made rice crispie cakes. The children had great fun mixing the rice crispies into the melted chocolate and spooning the mixture into the cases.


Baking in 3rd Class

3rd class are doing procedural reading and writing during First Steps in their English lessons. To put some of this into practice the class went baking chocolate chip cookies recently. They had to make sure to read the recipe step by step to ensure the cookies tasted perfectly.


Busy Building in Junior Infants.

Junior Infants have been extremely busy lately. In Aistear they have been learning about the home. As part of the Aistear class the children had the chance to explore different types of houses, building towns, villages, houses and doing some of the different jobs that need to be done in all their houses.


Aistear Fun in Senior Infants

Mr. Donovan’s class have been very busy lately. During Aistear time they have been learning about the Dentist and the Sports shop. They had great fun pulling teeth while learning about the dentist. There may even be some future dentists in the class. While visiting the sports shop the children really enjoyed trying out all …Continue reading


Maths for Fun 2019

Second Class participated in Maths for Fun. Ten families got involved in this numeracy initiative. We had mums, dads and aunts who all came into Ms Whelton’s Class to play Maths games with the girls.


Fun and Learning in 2nd Class.

2nd class have been extremely busy lately. Just before the Christmas Holidays they took the opportunity to use some of the facilities in the school and went making Rocky Road. They really enjoyed tasting it after making it. Since returning in January they have been putting their scientific skills to work. First by investigating how …Continue reading


Learning in 1st Class

1st class have been extremely busy since returning to school after the Christmas Holidays. They learned some very important information and skills about Fire safety thanks to Fire Safety Packs from Cork City Fire Brigade. They are keeping their bodies and brains alert during the day by taking part in the 10 @ 10. They …Continue reading


Busy in Junior Infants

Junior Infants have been very busy the last few weeks. In maths they have been learning about patterns and had great fun making some of their own. They also used counters to show how to they can be used to make up different amounts. There were some very artistic pinch pots made out of clay …Continue reading

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