Gerald Griffin St. Cork

School Activities

Attendance Reward

Our boys and girls were so proud of themselves for having full attendance during the last school year. They were rewarded by going on a trip to a local cafe for hot chocolate. We are sure these children can meet the 100 Days of Attendance Challenge and enjoy another reward in February.  

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Yellow Flag Intercultural Day

On Friday 23rd June North Pres. held its biennial Intercultural Day. This year's event was extra special because North Pres. raised its Yellow Flag. The event was attended by the newly elected Lord Mayor Tony Fitzgerald, Lady Mayoress Georgina and other community representatives from U.C.C., the Traveller Visibility Group, local primary schools and our Board of Management. The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress joined our previous principal Kathleen Haverty in raising the Yellow Flag. The school choir opened the ceremony, followed by entertainment from every class, project displays and concluded with a céilí. The parental support on the day was incredible. Over twenty countries were represented at our food stalls. It was a fantastic community event. Well done to all involved.


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Teddy Bears' Picnic in Senior Infants

Senior Infants enjoyed a tasty ice-cream at their Teddy Bears' Picnic yesterday. Wishing everyone a lovely Summer!  

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Parachute testing

The girls in 4th class this week were learning about forces and gravity in science. To see how gravity can be slowed down the girls went designing and making parachutes. They used a range of materials including old clothes, plastic bags and newspaper. They then chose a toy to be their test pilot before heading out to the yard to test their designs. There was some very successful flights which lowered the pilot gently to the ground.

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Awards Ceremony

An Awards Ceremony was held to acknowledge and celebrate all the contributions the parents of North Pres have made towards their children’s numeracy and literacy education. The children are really thankful and proud of their parents.

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Tug of War Blitz

3rd and 4th class took part in a Tug of War blitz in Neptune Stadium. A few weeks ago they had training in the school yard and since then they have been out practicing with their teachers. At the blitz  it was all about participating. There were loads of teams from different schools. The girls were outstanding showing great strength when pulling against other teams. They had great fun and showed lots of promise. At the end of the blitz the school got a Certificate of participation. All the pupils had a great day and hope to take part again in the future.

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Busy in 5th class.

Below is an account of all that is happening in 5th class. It was written by one of the pupils in the class.

Great fun in 5th class!

We all had great fun in 5th class and it’s almost over. We learned so many new things and subjects . First, we did Zumba with Ms. Whelton. It was really fun but now we’ve started to do yoga with her instead, I think it’s really relaxing. Then, we learned a lot about the Irish famine. It was very interesting but sad. Then we made coffin ships and drama scenes to do with the famine.  Later on, we did gardening with Anne and got to eat lemon balm and mint and got to bring home strawberries. We learn a lot of during First Steps. We made brochures advertising different European and Irish Cities. I made a brochure about Venice. Recently, we wrote short stories for Early Start. Ours was about a Mermaid called Millie and a deer called Dory. We also learnt  “The Fields of Athenry”. and we made poems about it. Mine was called ‘The Irish Sailors’. We did so many projects in 5th class. Our most recent projects are the 7 Wonders of the World. I did Machu Pichu. We’re going to make projects about architects in the future. Last years, 5th class did a marathon and we’re trying to do the same. It’s very exciting! We’re also learned a new language, Spanish. I can’t speak fluent Spanish yet but I can have a conversation. The last thing we did is planting. We’ve already planted tomatoes and sunflowers, I can’t wait to see them! That was it so far, I hope next year will as good!! Here are some photos of what we have done in the last few months in 5th class.

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Communion 2017

On Saturday 13th May, our 2nd Class girls made their First Holy Communion in the North Cathedral. Afterwards they returned to the school where the Parents’ Association had put on a fantastic spread for all their families and friends. They had transformed the Blue Room into a pink paradise where the girls ate, danced and celebrated their special day together with all their class mates. Congratulations to our Communion girls and thank you to our Parents’ Associations for another wonderful morning.  

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Donkey Sanctuary

The 4th Class girls went to the Donkey Sanctuary as the final part of their One Book One Community Project for 2017. The girls read White Fang by Jack London which had themes of animal cruelty so a trip to this animal welfare centre was very suitable. Ms Twohig’s class groomed a donkey called Dessie and learned all about donkeys and how they are cared for. Before leaving the girls chose a donkey,  named Julie Anne, to adopt for the year. Here are two accounts written by pupils in the class. Chuamar go dtí tearmann na hasal inné. Chuamar ar an mbus. Bhíomar ar an mbus ar uair a chloig. Nuair a shroicheamar, bhuaileamar le Martha. D'inis sí dúinn faoi na hasal. Cíoreamar na asal. Dessie ab ainm do. Tar éis é sin shiúileamar timpeall na páirce. Chonaiceamar na hasal ag ithe féar. Tar éis é sin chuamar go dtí an bus arís Chuamar ar an mbus. Bhí mé in aice le mo chara. Bhíomar ar an mbus ar uair a chloig. Shroicheamar tearmann na hasail. Bhuaileamar le Martha. D'inis sí dúinn faoi na hasail. Cíor mé Dessie. Chonaic mé asail dubh, donn, liath agus bán. D'ith na hasal féar. Chuamar go dtí an mbus agus chuaigh mé abhaile. 

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Tug of War

3rd and 4th class had a great time this afternoon. They had training in Tug of War. They learned how to compete in tug of war competitions safely and have fun doing it. They also showed their very competitive side pulling against each others teams. They will be taking part in a blitz later in the month so will be having lots of training between now and then.

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