Gerald Griffin St. Cork

March, 2018

Gaelgeoir na seachtaine

Comhghairdeas do na páistí as gach rang a bhuaigh Gaeleoir naSeachtaine.


Cluichí Bia

Bíonn na cailíní i rang a dó ag foghlaim faoin bia an seachtain seo. Imríonn siad cluichí as gaeilge. Baineann siad a lán taitneamh as na gcluichí.


World book day

The school celebrated their love of books this week by dressing up as characters from their favourite books. Some of the staff even got into the spirit dressing up as their favourite characters.


Writing books

As part of their English class the 3rd class girls wrote some books for the 1st class pupils. The girls had great fun being authors and illustrators. The younger class were delighted with their very own personalised books


Gamelan Music

Girls from 2nd to 6th class are learning to play Indonesian percussion instruments. Playing music can be a great way to relax and unwind. The girls would agree that it was a lovely way to spend an afternoon.


Science- Floating and sinking

Recently the children from 2nd class and senior infants were working together to discover which items would float or sink in water. They tried lots of items. Before putting the things in the water the groups discussed whether they thought the items would float or sink. The children also checked whether air can float. They …Continue reading


Science- Paper Bags

Here is an account of the experiment from a 5th class pupil: We did an experiment about how to make a paper bag. We split up into teams and got a €2 budget. Masking tape was 10c and a sheet of paper was 20c. Our group bought 5 sheets of paper and 10 pieces of …Continue reading


Science- Parachutes

Here is an account of the experiment written by two 3rd class pupils: Last week 3rd class, 4th class and 5th class did an experiment on parachutes. They had access to bags, string, tape, masking tape, play dough and stick men. They had to trick gravity into slowing down the parachutes fall. Everyone was separated …Continue reading


5th Class enjoy a trip to the Mardyke Arena UCC.

The 5th class girls won 3rd prize in the Professor Fluffy Design A Bookmark Competition. Their prize was a morning in the Mardyke UCC Arena where they had a Zumba lesson and some rock climbing lessons. It was a fantastic treat which the girls, and Professor Fluffy, really enjoyed!