Gerald Griffin St. Cork

May, 2016

Science Fun with Junior Infants

Our Junior Infants were treated to a special Science lesson from Anil and Reena. Their daughter and all her class mates learnt about circuits and electricity in a child-friendly way. The boys and girls worked together holding hands to form a circuit to make a buzzer go off. As you can see the children were very …Continue reading


Collins Barracks

After Easter the girls from 4th, 5th and 6th classes had the opportunity to visit Collins Barracks. There they saw the vehicles and weapons that the army use.


Athletics in the Mardyke

Recently the girls in 4th class went down to the Mardyke Arena to practise their athletics on the track there. It was great fun and the girls loved being able to run around the full track.  


Senior Infants go baking !

Last week Senior Infants made some delicious ‘Rocky Road’. They used melted chocolate, biscuits and marshmallows! Yum! Everybody had a turn helping to break up the biscuits and mix all the ingredients together. After a few hours in the fridge the rocky road was ready to eat. All the boys and girls thought it was …Continue reading


Communion 2016

On May 21st our 2nd Class girls made their First Holy Communion in the North Cathedral. Afterwards they returned to our school for the Communion Breakfast. Once again our Parents’ Association had transformed our Blue Room into a pink palace and produced a lovely spread in the Parents’ Room. Well done to all the parents …Continue reading


Hinduism with Mina

Mina, one of our mums came in to speak to 3rd and 5th class about Hinduism. The girls found the talk and all the photos really interesting. The girls also took the opportunity to ask her lots of questions about Nepal. Mina was fantastic and made her daughters really proud.


Senior Infants

Senior Infants have been very busy the last few weeks! Here are some photos showing what they have been doing- they learned all about magnets and waterproof and non waterproof items and did experiments on both. They made lovely prints of ‘the Rainbow Fish’. And they have been running a clothes shop in Irish, ‘an …Continue reading


Polska Éire

 Our school was invited to a Polska Éire event in the City Library. The girls in 3rd class are doing a project on Poland so they were the perfect class to attend this event. They learned all about Polish culture, folklore, and art and sampled some Polish food.