Gerald Griffin St. Cork

Junior Infants

Westmidlands Theatre

The younger classes were very lucky today. The Westmidlands theatre company came to the school and put on the play "William the Wizard". The children really enjoyed the show.

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Dress up Day

The whole school enjoyed dress up day last Friday. The children wore their costumes into school and some of the teachers joined in the fun as well dressing up. Junior and Senior infants went trick or treating to the older classes, while 4th, 5th and 6th classes entertained the whole school by showing us the Thriller dance. Early Start loved hearing the story "Room on the Broom" and 3rd class did some Halloween art.

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Halloween in Junior Infants

Mr. O Connor and Ms. Coleman's classes really enjoyed learning about Halloween. They dressed up on Friday in different costumes and went trick or treating to the older classes. They also got to watch the 6th class preform the Thriller dance for them. Earlier in the week they decorated some cakes and made them look very spooky. Mr. O Connor's class carved a scary face on a pumpkin and made a Jack-o-lantern.

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Happy Halloween from North Pres

It was a spooky, scary day today in North Pres! Have a look at the photos of the children on yard!

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Junior Infants Art

Mr. O Connor's class are really enjoying school at the moment especially when they get to do art. Here they are painting some pumpkins for Halloween. IMG_7236 IMG_7237

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Friendship Week Art Competition

This morning we had another whole school assembly to celebrate the end of Friendship week in the school. Ms. Twohig's 2nd recited a poem about friendship while the girls in 4th, 5th, and 6th class led the school singing "How far I'll go" Shandon Street Credit Union kindly sponsored prizes for our Friendship Week art competition. The children had to draw a poster about friendship. Some of the older children wrote poems about friendship instead. Congratulations to the winners from each class. During the week there was a display up next to the Blue Room where examples of how the children were kind were displayed. By the end of the week, the board was full of kind things that the children from all the classes did. In the yard, also this week, was a friendship station. If children couldn't find anyone to play with they would go to the friendship station and some of the older girls would play with them or help them to find someone else to play with. All the children had a great time this week, made some new friends and learned how important it is to be nice to others.

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Junior Infants Bear Hunt.

Junior infants have been reading the story "We're going on a bear hunt" with their teacher Mr. O Connor and Ms. Coleman. Earlier this week they went on their own bear hunt in the convent garden to see if they could find a bear.

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Friendship Week

Today the school had an assembly to launch Friendship Week. All this week we are going to be kind to everyone in the school. The older classes will be reading and playing with the younger classes. There will be a competition for all classes where the children have to design a poster based on the theme of friendship. We will also be helping Ms Manley complete the display outside the seomra gorm by writing all the kind things that we did this week. During the assembly today the whole school sang "You are my Brother" and Ms. O Brien's 4th and 5th class sang a lovely version of Ed Sheeran's song in Irish.

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Lord Mayor's Visit

Today we had special visitors to the school, The Lord Mayor Cllr. Tony Fitzgerald and the Lady Mayoress. The Lady Mayoress was a past pupil of our school so we were extremely happy to welcome them. The children learned that the chain of the Lord Mayor's office is 230 years old. The Lord Mayor also reminded the children how important it is to keep ourselves fit and healthy and also to keep the communities that they live in clean and tidy.

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Yellow Flag Intercultural Day

On Friday 23rd June North Pres. held its biennial Intercultural Day. This year's event was extra special because North Pres. raised its Yellow Flag. The event was attended by the newly elected Lord Mayor Tony Fitzgerald, Lady Mayoress Georgina and other community representatives from U.C.C., the Traveller Visibility Group, local primary schools and our Board of Management. The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress joined our previous principal Kathleen Haverty in raising the Yellow Flag. The school choir opened the ceremony, followed by entertainment from every class, project displays and concluded with a céilí. The parental support on the day was incredible. Over twenty countries were represented at our food stalls. It was a fantastic community event. Well done to all involved.


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