Gerald Griffin St. Cork

Junior Infants

Yellow Flag Intercultural Day

On Friday 23rd June North Pres. held its biennial Intercultural Day. This year's event was extra special because North Pres. raised its Yellow Flag. The event was attended by the newly elected Lord Mayor Tony Fitzgerald, Lady Mayoress Georgina and other community representatives from U.C.C., the Traveller Visibility Group, local primary schools and our Board of Management. The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress joined our previous principal Kathleen Haverty in raising the Yellow Flag. The school choir opened the ceremony, followed by entertainment from every class, project displays and concluded with a céilí. The parental support on the day was incredible. Over twenty countries were represented at our food stalls. It was a fantastic community event. Well done to all involved.


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Awards Ceremony

An Awards Ceremony was held to acknowledge and celebrate all the contributions the parents of North Pres have made towards their children’s numeracy and literacy education. The children are really thankful and proud of their parents.

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At the Restaurant

Recently Junior Infants were learning about restaurants during Aistear time. The children had to design their own menus, pretend to be in the restaurant and order food. They also learned about the jobs in the restaurant such as being a waiter, a chef and washing up the dishes after all the guests have finished their meals.

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Pizza party

On Monday 8th May, Ms. Coleman's Junior Infants, made some pizza. We floured the dough. Then we rolled out the dough. Spooned on the tomato sauce. Sprinkled on some cheese. Finally we put it in the pizza oven and 20 minutes later, we had a yummy margareita pizza.  

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Easter Fun in Junior Infants

Ms. Coleman's Junior Infants were very busy this week. We pretended to be the Easter bunny and had an Easter Egg hunt. We also made some chocolate Easter nests. They were delicious!

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Launch: The Yard At The End Of The Rainbow

The North Presentation Primary School community launched their fundraising drive to raise €35,000, to provide the children with the yard of their dreams. The children created an aerial shot of leprechauns filling the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Funds raised will be used to cover the existing tarmac yard with a surface of synthetic coloured grass. This covering will incorporate a pitch with a running track around the perimeter. It will provide a soft, safe play surface for the children - shock absorbing & non-slip. It will also result in a safe athletics track and pitch for all team sports. You can see a sample of the yard surface while standing on Gerald Griffin St. and looking into our yard. Today alone we raised €850 from the generous donations of parents and community groups. The staff, pupils and Parents’ Association are hopeful that over the course of the next 12 months they can, together, raise this money. Now we need your help to spread the word of our commitment to getting the Yard At The End Of The Rainbow. Please help us to tell the people of Cork about our quest.

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Rainbow Day

Here are some photos from today's Rainbow Day in school. The children performed some lovely Irish songs. They love learning Irish every day in school.

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Farmer Jimmy

There was great excitement when Jimmy the Farmer visited our school and brought some animals with him. He brought a calf and we named her Molly. He also brought his sheep dog Miley. He was very friendly. Then Jimmy surprised us with a hen and she had laid some fresh eggs. Jimmy let us name her Rosie. We were very gentle with the animals. We investigated all the different vegetables he grows on the farm. We saw carrots, leeks, onions, poatoes, beetroot, parsnips and parsley. Patrick brought home some potatoes. It was a day we will never forget!

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Crepes with Justine

One of our Junior Infant mums came in to our Parents’ Room on Shrove Tuesday to make pancakes/crepes with the children. All the children took turns making and mixing the batter. Each child then made their own pancake which they enjoyed with sugar, jam or chocolate spread.  

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Attendance Reward - Bowling

We set our boys and girls a challenge last August, to try and maintain full attendance for the first 100 days of school. We held an assembly on the 100th day and the children were informed that the challenge winners would be rewarded with a trip bowling. The following day a group of boys and girls from Junior Infants to 6th Class walked to the Leisureplex to go bowling. The children had a wonderful time.

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