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 North Presentation Primary School 


We have worked so hard these past few months to keep your children, and our whole school community, safe, happy and well. We are very proud of how well we have done in this as a school and are so grateful to you all for your wonderful part in this. How lucky we are here in North Pres. to have such amazing parents involved in our school. We truly believe that and thank you for it!

Now it is your turn. Please keep up the good work. Over the mid-term break next week:

  • Please stay away from other people.
  • Do not visit others houses and do not let them visit yours.
  • Play Halloween games at home if you celebrate Halloween but do not go Trick or Treating.
  • Keep up the handwashing, sanitizing and cough or sneeze etiquette.
  • Do not travel out of Cork but if you have done this remember to isolate or quarantine when you return.

You have relied on us since August to protect your beautiful precious children and keep them safe. We have done our very best to do this.

The staff have relied on myself and school management to protect and keep them safe and I am doing my very best to do that.

I have relied on staff to follow all procedures and guidelines both in school and in their private lives to keep themselves and your children safe and they are doing their very best to do that.

I am now asking all of you to do your part, to the best of your ability, to follow guidelines, stay at home, stay safe and come back to us happy and healthy on Monday November 2nd ready for a new term.

 Have a wonderful relaxing mid-term break

 Nickie & North Pres. Staff


Exciting News!


Dear Parents,

We are delighted to to be able to let you know that both our Patron, Bishop Gavin, and the Department of Education have fully approved and sanctioned our application to become a Co-educational School with both boys and girls, in a phased in basis, starting in September 2021. 

The boys currently in 1st Class would usually have to leave us at the end of the year and find another school. From this year if the boys wish they can continue on into 2nd Class and remain with us all the way to the end of their primary school education in 6th Class. We are so very happy not to have to say goodbye to our boys anymore! 

The new school Admission Notice and Admission Policy are available to view here on the website and will remain on the Policies, Forms and Information Page.

Admissions Policy 2020 North Presentation Primary School

Admission Notice 2021-2022 North Presentation Primary School

  • If your child is already enrolled from Junior Infants to 6th class then you do not need to contact us or send us any applications. 
  • If your child is in our Early Start Unit or you have your child in another pre-school then we urge you to immediately fill out and send us an Enrolment Form to avoid disappointment. Our classes fill up quickly. Our Junior Infant classes were full this year and we had to turn some families away. The Admissions process will be open for applications until Friday 23rd October. We will be offering our Junior Infant places after that date. 

 I hope you all are as happy with this great news as we are! 




Be kind                                   Be patient                     Be courteous

Be Safe

Teach your child correct handwashing procedures

Teach your child correct cough and sneeze etiquette

Do not send your child to school unwell

Always be contactable by phone

Collect your child immediately if the school contact you to say they are unwell




Our school is situated in the historic centre of Cork City under the Shandon Bells and a stone’s throw from the Cork Butter Market.

North Pres. has a long and proud history of education on the northside of Cork city. Our aim is to combine the best traditions of the Presentation ethos with modern teaching aids and ideas so that our pupils can look forward to the future with confidence and skills.


North Presentation Primary School caters for boys from Junior Infants ( 4/5 years ) to 1st class ( 6/7 years) and for girls from Junior Infants ( 4/5 years) to 6th class ( 12/13 years).

We have an Early Start Pre-School catering for girls and boys aged 3 to 4 years.

  • Our school is a Catholic school founded by the Presentation Order. We also welcome and cater for children from all other religions.
  • North Pres. School is a diverse community with pupils from more than 40  Ethnicities. We encourage respect and inclusivity.
  • We see parents as the primary educators and value their contribution to our school through our active Parents’ Association and our Home-School-Community Links Programme.

School Policies and Plans are available to parents from the Principal’s Office and are available to download and view from the Policies Page (see link on the right hand bar).