Gerald Griffin St. Cork

October, 2023

Busy in 2nd class

2nd class were very busy last week. In science we were learning about light and shadows, so one wet morning the children all made their own shadow puppets and tried them out on the classroom walls. We were also learning about famous clock landmarks around Europe. We have our own famous clock in Cork- Shandon …Continue reading


Art in the school

There is some wonderful art on display in the classroom and on the school corridors. All this art has been done by the children in all the classes. They have been inspired by famous artists, Nature, Maths, and local landmarks.


English Classes

Well done to Margie and our amazing English Language parent class students on their completion of the last year’s project. They had a great time celebrating recently.


Apple crumble and Butter making

Second class have been very busy this week. We have been learning about the farm long ago and how the farmers had to do a lot of things by hand. After hearing this the class decided to try and make butter by hand. It was not as easy as it seemed but the children enjoyed …Continue reading