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Wellbeing in North Pres.



In North Pres wellbeing, and the emotional, social, mental and physical health of our entire school community is really important to us. In these difficult times while we are all missing family, friends and daily routines, it is essential that we all look after our wellbeing as best we can.

We have created a North Pres. Wellbeing Padlet

This link has suggestions of nice, easy ways to help look after your children’s wellbeing. There is also a little section for the grown ups – remember mums and dads – you can’t pour from an empty cup! We all need to look after ourselves and our wellbeing in order to look after our children!

Thank you to all of you parents at home for engaging with teachers, doing a great job with the school work and trying to stay connected with us and each other. To all our children we miss you all and can’t wait to see you again!

The Padlet will be updated regularly and we hope you enjoy the activities posted.

January is Healthy Eating month in our school. As we are all at home for the moment, it is a wonderful opportunity for the children to learn a recipe or two from their families at home. We would love to see photographs of the children exploring new healthy foods and trying out some new recipes in the kitchen! Have fun!

Thank you,

North Pres. Wellbeing Team


Below is a link to a Social Story you can read with your child that works on relieving their anxiety in these times as it talks about “Remote Learning” and doing your schoolwork from home. 

UnderstandingRemoteLearningSocialStoryDistanceLearning (1)


Health Promoting School Team News!

In May of last year, the North Pres Health Promoting School Team sent out questionnaires to pupils, parents and staff, which many of you very kindly filled out. We compiled the results and put some plans in place based on the findings. There were lots of wonderful suggestions and ideas. The most common suggestions were:

  • To further promote positive mental health and wellbeing
  • To increase opportunities for physical activity
  • To provide more nutritional information
  • To promote good hygiene
  • To further enhance the positive school atmosphere through our social interactions with each other

Here is a brief summary of the plans and initiatives we put in place as a result of your valued feedback:

  • Monthly School Assembly – to celebrate effort, successes and promote class unity and school spirit
  • Buddy Week – to promote new friendships and a positive school community
  • Monthly Kindness Award
  • Well Done Wall
  • Inspirational Quote of the Month
  • Mindfulness Monday – opportunity to relax our minds for a few minutes in our busy week
  • Wake Up and Shake Up Club – Before school skipping club
  • Brunch Club – to promote class spirit and unity
  • Screen Free time

Thank you for your support in helping us to make North Presentation a Health Promoting School!

North Presentation Primary Health Promoting School Team 2018-2019