Gerald Griffin St. Cork

February, 2014

Sightsavers Junior Painter Award

Leena Hossein was selected as a regional winner in the Sightsavers Junior Painter Awards! Leena was one of just 15 winners in the whole country! Leena’s class, her teacher and the whole school are very proud of her wonderful achievement. A representative from Sightsavers came to talk to the class about the great work they …Continue reading


Yummy chocolate biscuit cake!

Ms. O’Neill’s pupils had a real treat this week when they made chocolate biscuit cake for Valentine’s Day. Not only did they get to make it, but they also went on a fun walk to Centra on Shandon Street to pick up the ingredients! They had a lovely time talking about all the shops on …Continue reading


Magnet Madness!

First class have been learning about magnets this week. They did an experiment using a plastic cup of water, a paper clip and a magnet. They had to find a way to take the paper clip out of the water without getting their hands wet! Well done to Sajiya who figured it out really quickly!


Science Experiments!

The girls and boys in Early Start, along with their parents, enjoyed a fun Science day on Thursday 6th February. We tested various items to see if they would float or sink, watched some raisins dance, created explosions, but best of all we got very messy!


P.. P.. P.. Pick Up A Penguin!

For the month of January, the boys and girls in First class have been learning all about penguins and Antarctica. In Art, they painted lovely pictures of Emperor Penguins. They also made collages of penguins and their own paper penguins. They read a book called ‘Tom Crean’s rabbit’ which tells the story of the famous …Continue reading