Gerald Griffin St. Cork

June, 2017

Yellow Flag Intercultural Day

On Friday 23rd June North Pres. held its biennial Intercultural Day. This year’s event was extra special because North Pres. raised its Yellow Flag. The event was attended by the newly elected Lord Mayor Tony Fitzgerald, Lady Mayoress Georgina and other community representatives from U.C.C., the Traveller Visibility Group, local primary schools and our Board …Continue reading


Teddy Bears’ Picnic in Senior Infants

Senior Infants enjoyed a tasty ice-cream at their Teddy Bears’ Picnic yesterday. Wishing everyone a lovely Summer!  


Parachute testing

The girls in 4th class this week were learning about forces and gravity in science. To see how gravity can be slowed down the girls went designing and making parachutes. They used a range of materials including old clothes, plastic bags and newspaper. They then chose a toy to be their test pilot before heading …Continue reading


Friends for Life

The girls in 4th class have been doing the Friends for Life programme over the past couple of months. This programme is about dealing with their feelings and learning to deal with difficult situations. An important part of Friends for Life is rewarding yourself for your achievements no matter how big or small they are. …Continue reading


Awards Ceremony

An Awards Ceremony was held to acknowledge and celebrate all the contributions the parents of North Pres have made towards their children’s numeracy and literacy education. The children are really thankful and proud of their parents.