Gerald Griffin St. Cork

April, 2019

Easter Egg Hunt

The children in Junior Infants went on an Easter Egg hunt the day that they got their Easter Holidays. They had great fun searching for the eggs in the Convent Garden. All the children were delighted with what they found.


In To Win Raffle

Junior Infants, Senior Infants and First Class participated in the IN-TO-WIN attendance drive for the three weeks leading up to the Easter Holidays. Each child got a raffle ticket for every week that they had full attendance. On the day of the holidays we picked out the winning names and those children received a voucher …Continue reading


STEM in the School

The school has borrowed Bee-Bots from the Cork Education Support Centre for the last couple of weeks. There are small robots that can be easily programmed by the children. The children are having great fun with them learning how to code.


3rd class adventures

3rd class have been very busy recently. First they got to go on a trip to Blackrock Castle, where they got a tour of the observatory. Afterwards they worked with engineers from PM to make roller coasters. Later on in the week they walked down to the post office in North Main Street where they …Continue reading