Gerald Griffin St. Cork

February 3rd, 2019

Fun and Learning in 2nd Class.

2nd class have been extremely busy lately. Just before the Christmas Holidays they took the opportunity to use some of the facilities in the school and went making Rocky Road. They really enjoyed tasting it after making it. Since returning in January they have been putting their scientific skills to work. First by investigating how …Continue reading


Learning in 1st Class

1st class have been extremely busy since returning to school after the Christmas Holidays. They learned some very important information and skills about Fire safety thanks to Fire Safety Packs from Cork City Fire Brigade. They are keeping their bodies and brains alert during the day by taking part in the 10 @ 10. They …Continue reading


Busy in Junior Infants

Junior Infants have been very busy the last few weeks. In maths they have been learning about patterns and had great fun making some of their own. They also used counters to show how to they can be used to make up different amounts. There were some very artistic pinch pots made out of clay …Continue reading


January Assembly

Our monthly assembly for January was held recently. Ms. O Leary’s class told the school about an aspiring St. Brigid and how she never gave up. The Kindness award for the month was given out. Ms.Byron’s class performed a lovely poem and song in Irish as well as showing the school some of their Irish …Continue reading