Gerald Griffin St. Cork

5th Class

Gaelgeoir na seachtaine

Comhghairdeas do na páistí as gach rang a bhuaigh Gaeleoir naSeachtaine.

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World book day

The school celebrated their love of books this week by dressing up as characters from their favourite books. Some of the staff even got into the spirit dressing up as their favourite characters.

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Gamelan Music

Girls from 2nd to 6th class are learning to play Indonesian percussion instruments. Playing music can be a great way to relax and unwind. The girls would agree that it was a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

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Science- Paper Bags

Here is an account of the experiment from a 5th class pupil: We did an experiment about how to make a paper bag. We split up into teams and got a €2 budget. Masking tape was 10c and a sheet of paper was 20c. Our group bought 5 sheets of paper and 10 pieces of masking tape. We made a bag and then we went outside and had races with our paper bags and saw which bag could hold the most water bottles. The most was 6.

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Science- Parachutes

Here is an account of the experiment written by two 3rd class pupils: Last week 3rd class, 4th class and 5th class did an experiment on parachutes. They had access to bags, string, tape, masking tape, play dough and stick men. They had to trick gravity into slowing down the parachutes fall. Everyone was separated into 8 groups for the experiment. Everyone had two bags to work with, one was big and the other was small. Most people used the big bag, but our group managed to used both the big and small bags. Everyone got about 10 minutes to make the parachute. When they were finished they took it outside in the yard. Everyone got to throw their parachutes in the air when a gust of wind passed by. The team that won was the team that used two bags.  

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5th Class enjoy a trip to the Mardyke Arena UCC.


The 5th class girls won 3rd prize in the Professor Fluffy Design A Bookmark Competition. Their prize was a morning in the Mardyke UCC Arena where they had a Zumba lesson and some rock climbing lessons. It was a fantastic treat which the girls, and Professor Fluffy, really enjoyed!

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Basketball Players

The girls in 5th and 6th classes took part in a friendly basketball tournament this week. They practiced very hard up in Neptune with their teachers and also in the yard during their lunch time. The girls really enjoyed taking part in their first tournament and hope there will be more to follow

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100 Days Assembly

There was a very special assembly this week in the school. It is 100 days into the school year and we celebrated all the boys and girls who haven't missed one day since we started. The lucky boys and girls got a certificate and were also told that they were going bowling later in the week. Ms. O Brien's 4th & 5th class did a presentation on Australia. They told us some wonderful facts about the country before singing and dancing along to the "Locomotion"

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A Special Visitor

A special visitor called to the school today and gave a treat to all of the children.

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Open Night

North Pres held their open night for prospective pupils and their parents recently. The pupils from 3rd to 6th classes acted as guides for the evening and demonstrating everything our school has to offer. The school choir performed, while pupils from 5th and 6th class provided refreshments. The class rooms were set up to show all the resources that the school has including those for aistear, numeracy lift off, p.e and science.

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