Gerald Griffin St. Cork

December 20th, 2013

Santa Claus is coming…to North Pres!

Santa and Mrs Claus visited North Pres on Wednesday 18th December, to see all the boys and girls. They were very happy to see how good they were. They were delighted to hear the children singing so beautifully, especially the school choir.


Christmas Fun in First Class

The children in first class have been so busy during the last few weeks- writing letters to Santa, making Christmas cards and painting lovely Winter pictures. So they were delighted to have a lovely half day before the holidays. They had lots of fun playing with their new toys and watching a Christmas DVD. Merry Christmas from …Continue reading


1st class Christmas Art

The children in first class have been very busy making beautiful Christmas art. They all made decorations for their Christmas trees, using clay, paint and a lot of patience! Ms. O’Callaghan’s class made lovely Christmas trees using crepe paper. They also worked together to decorate a Christmas tree display. .


Ms Coleman’s Christmas Cookies

Boys and girls from 1st – 4th Classes helped Ms Coleman to bake some Christmas cookies. They worked together in groups to make the cookie dough, then they shaped the cookies and finally they put them in the oven to bake. When the cookies had cooled, the boys and girls decorated them (and ate them …Continue reading


“Mr Humbug Sees the Light”

4th and 5th Class put on a spectacular performance of Mr Humbug Sees the Light, based on a Christmas Carol by Charles Dickins. Their teachers and parents were so proud of them for putting so much energy and effort into their fantastic performances. Well done girls!


Christmas Trees!

4th Class made beautiful clay Christmas trees this year. After carefully moulding the clay and allowing it to dry, they painted their trees green and added glitter. A yellow star on top was the perfect finishing touch!