Gerald Griffin St. Cork

January 30th, 2015

Look at us now!

Some first class group photos….look at how much we have grown since September!  


First class scientists!

First class did a science experiment this week. They made predictions before mixing different materials and investigating the results. They found that salt dissolves fully in water but oil floats on top of water. 


p…p…p…pick up a penguin!!

The children in first class have been learning all about the South Pole and penguins in January. Have a look at some of their beautiful artwork.        



Some photos of the fun the children had recently!   .


Baking Cookies

Fourth class had a great time before Christmas baking cookies. After getting their ingredients from the English Market, they then carefully followed the recipe and made some delicious cookies. They also had time to make popcorn while the cookies were baking. .