Gerald Griffin St. Cork

March 13th, 2015

5th Class Authors

5th class girls were budding authors recently when they each wrote a special book for the children in Senior Infants. They asked the children questions, went back to their classroom, wrote the book, illustrated it and published the book. They then went back and had great time reading the book  with the Senior Infants.  


Postman visit!

First class had a very special visitor this week! Ms.Whelton’s brother Graham came to talk to them. He is a postman. He talked to them about his job. They had lots of questions for him. They found out that he delivers post to 700 houses, he starts work at 6 o’clock and he has been …Continue reading


The Twits

We had great fun reading The Twits by Roald Dahl at the start of the year. We all enjoyed the story. When we had finished the book we did some art inspired by the book. Lauren