Gerald Griffin St. Cork

October 27th, 2015

Junior Infants Trick or Treating

Ms. Bohane’s class had great fun last Friday. They dressed up in their Halloween costumes and went trick or treating to 6th class. Luckily they all got treats from the older girls.


Halloween in 4th class

The girls in 4th class enjoyed dressing up for Halloween. We had cats, Japanese Geisha, witches, devils, skeletons, dead cheerleaders and other scary costumes.  


Football Blitz

The girls from 5th and 6th took part in a football blitz a few weeks ago. There were 5 teams playing and the girls won 2 matches and lost 2 matches. The girls played their hearts out and really enjoyed the day.


The Boy in the Dress

4th class have been reading the book “The Boy in the Dress” by David Walliams. All the class enjoyed the story. After finishing the story the girls wrote about their favourite part of the book. They also became fashion designers and designed new dresses for Denis, the main character in the book.


Halloween in Early Start

The children in Early Start had a great time on Friday dressing up for Halloween.