Gerald Griffin St. Cork

February 9th, 2016

Maths 4 Fun

Maths 4 Fun: For the past four weeks 2nd Class enjoyed playing Maths games with their parents.


Pancake Party

Ms Forde’s and Ms Buckley’s First Classes celebrated Shrove Tuesday today with some delicious pancakes.


Young scientists.

The girls in 5th and 6th class had some past pupils visit them. The two girls that are now in 1st year showed the classes their science experiment which won, 2nd place in the B.T. Young Scientist Competition. The girls filled some wine glasses with different levels of water. They then dipped their fingers in …Continue reading


Pancakes in 4th

The girls in 4th class enjoyed pancakes today in the class. They heated them up in a toaster before putting their favourite topping on them,