Gerald Griffin St. Cork

June 21st, 2019

High Tea at the Maldron Shandon Hotel

Today our 3rd and 4th class pupils were treated to High Tea in the Maldron Shandon Hotel. Laura, Tracy and all of the staff in the hotel made the girls feel like V.I.P.s. Not only were they served a selection of delicious drinks, sandwiches and pastries, they were also given a talk on the running …Continue reading


Crawford Art Gallery

The 1st class children went on a visit to the Crawford Art Gallery this week. They spent one hour in the Gallery and got a tour of the building, looking at the sculptures, paintings and pottery housed there. Afterwards they got to do some tree rubbings and sketches. The Gallery belongs to the people of …Continue reading


Health Promoting School Flag Ceremony

On May 29th North Pres. received the Health Promoting School Flag. It was awarded to the school for the dedication of the Health Promoting School to creating a healthy and welcoming school environment for all. Well done to the school community for helping us achieve this. We are thrilled that North Pres. is a health …Continue reading


Sports Day 2019

The children had a great day on Tuesday June 18th when we had our school Sports Day. It was great fun and the sun was shining on us all day!