Gerald Griffin St. Cork

Trip to Fota with Professor Fluffy

As a result of winning the Professor Fluffy Bookmark Competition, our 5th class visited Fota. One of our 5th class girls describes the visit…

My class and I went to Fota. We left the school at half nine. We traveled by bus. When we got there a woman called Rachel introduced herself to us. She was our guide. She brought us into the learning room and told us lots of interesting facts. We spotted red squirrels, ducks and wallabies on the way to the kitchen. When the animals are sick they make them a jam or Nutella sandwich and sneak in tablets or medicine, so that the animals can get better. We saw giraffes, monkeys, gibbons, zebras, cheetahs, rhinos, lions, tigers etc. Thaihg, the giraffe was my favourite. When we got back our teacher told us we had no homework. Fota was a brilliant day and I really enjoyed it.