Gerald Griffin St. Cork

Busy in 5th class.

Below is an account of all that is happening in 5th class. It was written by one of the pupils in the class.

Great fun in 5th class!

We all had great fun in 5th class and it’s almost over. We learned so many new things and subjects .

First, we did Zumba with Ms. Whelton. It was really fun but now we’ve started to do yoga with her instead, I think it’s really relaxing.

Then, we learned a lot about the Irish famine. It was very interesting but sad. Then we made coffin ships and drama scenes to do with the famine.  Later on, we did gardening with Anne and got to eat lemon balm and mint and got to bring home strawberries.

We learn a lot of during First Steps. We made brochures advertising different European and Irish Cities. I made a brochure about Venice. Recently, we wrote short stories for Early Start. Ours was about a Mermaid called Millie and a deer called Dory. We also learnt  “The Fields of Athenry”. and we made poems about it. Mine was called ‘The Irish Sailors’.

We did so many projects in 5th class. Our most recent projects are the 7 Wonders of the World. I did Machu Pichu. We’re going to make projects about architects in the future.

Last years, 5th class did a marathon and we’re trying to do the same. It’s very exciting! We’re also learned a new language, Spanish. I can’t speak fluent Spanish yet but I can have a conversation.

The last thing we did is planting. We’ve already planted tomatoes and sunflowers, I can’t wait to see them!

That was it so far, I hope next year will as good!! Here are some photos of what we have done in the last few months in 5th class.