Gerald Griffin St. Cork

March Assembly

Our March assembly was held last week. 4th class choir treated us to a performance of two of their songs which they performed earlier in the week with The Cork National Children’s Choir. Everyone was so proud of the work that the children and their teachers put into learning and performing the songs.

The kindness award for the month went to two girls from 4th class, while Ms Coleman had some special awards for some girls who made a big effort while helping planting some flowers that we will see sprouting up around the school in the next few weeks.

The children from 1st class had a very important quote of the month.

Ms. Murray told the younger classes about the “in it to win it” initiative, where children from infants will have to the chance to enter a draw for an Easter Egg by coming into school for the next two weeks.

2nd class ended the assembly with a beautiful performance of a “Million Dreams” which was enjoyed by the whole school.