Gerald Griffin St. Cork

Archaeologist’s Visit

We were really lucky to be visited by Dr. Ben Geary, an archaeologist who lecturers in U.C.C. He brought in many artefacts which the children were allowed to handle. The girls were very enthusiastic and Dr. Ben was very impressed by their knowledge and thinks there may be some future archaeologists among us. Here is what the 4th, 5th and 6th class girls had to say:

‘Dr. Ben talked to us about archaeology and showed us some artefacts and fossils. At the beginning of his talk he showed us his trowel which he uses to dig up artefacts and fossils.’

‘Dr. Ben showed us a dog skull with a dent in it. He said it was most likely caused by cruel owners.’

‘He showed us many different types of old and broken pieces of pottery from the Stone Age.’

‘He put the chisels into small tubes in case the chisels broke. Long ago people used chisels to shape stones into tools.’

‘The axe was from the Bronze Age. It was used for killing animals and people. It wasn’t a replica. It was real!’