Gerald Griffin St. Cork

April 6th, 2016

Baba Marta

We learnt all about Baba Marta in First Class. This is a tradition in Bulgaria to mark the start of Spring and one of the parents in First Class came in to explain all about Baba Marta to us. We asked lots of great questions and were able to write all about it.


First Class Flowers

First Class love going on Spring walks around the garden. They took great care of their flowers there. We made sure they had enough water and sunlight to grow. The yellow daffodils and red tulips were ready to take home at Easter.


Trip to Waterstone’s

First Class were very lucky to go on a trip to Waterstone’s for World Book Day. We walked all the way from school into the city with 5th Class! Everyone used their book voucher to buy a book in the shop. It was a great adventure!


Learning to speak Portuguese

Olá! We are learning some phrases in Portuguese. We are lucky to have a girl in our school to help us!  Xau!