Gerald Griffin St. Cork

April 18th, 2016

Volcanic Eruptions.

4th class were learning about Japan last week. One of the things that they learned was that there is a very famous volcano in Japan called Mount Fuji. For science they  used vinegar and bread soda to make their own volcanic eruptions. It was great fun. Later in the week the class used clay to …Continue reading


Pizza Making

4th class were very lucky when one of the girls in the class won a competition, where the prize was for the whole class to go down to Papa John’s and make pizza. The class all got to make their own individual pizzas, from rolling out the dough, putting on the toppings, to the final …Continue reading


Japanese Cultural Talk

Mrs Greene is our only Japanese mother in the school. She came in to tell our 4th and 1st classes all about Japan and Japanese culture. She showed us Japanese newspapers, origami and pictures of beautiful Japan. Some of the children had the opportunity to try on her summer kimono. She even brought in her …Continue reading


Green Fingers

The children have been busy with Anne replanting our vegetable garden.  We will look forward to gathering the vegetables later on in the year and cooking with them.  


Parent & Child Cookery

We now have a parent and child cookery club. On our first day the children made toffee apples with their mums. They were delicious.