Gerald Griffin St. Cork

June, 2016

First Class Adventures

First Class had great fun on their trip to ring the Shandon Bells. The brave went up , up and up to climb to the top of the St. Anne’s church for a great view of Cork City. Some of first class could even see where they live. It was a risky, fun, exciting adventure!


CAPER in First Class

We are so lucky to continue to have parents come in to read to us on Wednesday mornings. A big thank you from first class to everyone that takes part in CAPER. We really appreciate it in First Class.


Parent and Child Art Project

Some of our parents came in to do an art project with their children. They designed and decorated boulder covers that will be used around the Shandon area during the Summer Shandon Street Festival on 18th June. They will be a great addition to the festival atmosphere.

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