Gerald Griffin St. Cork

June 14th, 2016

Growing Flowers in the Garden

We were so good at growing seeds and flowers in our class, that First Class planted some Lupin Flowers in the garden. Luckily Anne found a good spot to plant them and hopefully we will see the flowers grow up soon!


Learning Somalian!

We have been working so hard towards achieving our Yellow Flag for Diversity this year. As part of this we are learning a little about the languages of different countries. Look at us learning Somalian!


Decorating Our Queen Cakes

We had so much fun decorating our Queen Cakes – they were almost too pretty to eat….almost!


Making Queen Cakes

We were so lucky when Ms. Conway offered to make queen cakes with us. We made them in the Parent’s Room and even got to decorate them when they were made. They were delicious!


GAA Skills

We are so lucky to have coaches from Delaney’s Club come to North Pres to teach us some GAA skills. Check out our ball skills and nifty hand passes!


Ice Cream Party!

We were sad in First Class when we had to say goodbye to Maja, as she goes back to Poland. We did have an ice cream party for her last day in North Pres. See how much we have grown in First Class!


Sow and Grow

First Class have been very busy planting and growing seeds. We grew cress, spinach and peas. We had a watering rota to make sure they were carefully watered every day. Look at how they grew!


First Class Adventures

First Class had great fun on their trip to ring the Shandon Bells. The brave went up , up and up to climb to the top of the St. Anne’s church for a great view of Cork City. Some of first class could even see where they live. It was a risky, fun, exciting adventure!


CAPER in First Class

We are so lucky to continue to have parents come in to read to us on Wednesday mornings. A big thank you from first class to everyone that takes part in CAPER. We really appreciate it in First Class.